There are moments in time that I wish I could freeze. Moments when everything feels right in my world. When I’m exactly where I need to be in that moment and there’s perfect Harmony in everything I am and in what I am doing.

I’ve stood in a crowd at a concert and closed my eyes and felt the rhythm of the drums in my soul, felt the heat from the stage, and felt one with the crowd surrounding me, and knew what it was to truly feel alive.

I’ve held each of my children as newborns and looked down into their faces and known what true love is. I watched them yawn and smile in their sleep and knew it was because they knew safety and love.

I’ve sped my car through a tunnel of trees, music blasting, the wind whipping through the open windows and the sun casting rays through the treetops and known what freedom is.

I’ve mourned the loss of so many people. . . Some passed away, some exited my life. And in mourning counted myself lucky that I had someone in my life that I was able to love enough to mourn, that I could feel those feelings. In those moments of sadness I knew what it was to be human.

I’ve dug my hands into freshly turned soil and known what it actually means to feel grounded and secure, what it was to be one with the Earth, and I’ve known peace.

I’ve had people thank me for doing my job – both at my place of employment and as a writer. I’ve seen the utter joy on my children’s faces when I walk into a room, I’ve been told I’m an inspiration, and from those things I’ve known why I was put on this earth.

I was put here to love. I was put here to spread sunshine. I was put here to teach. I was put here to live my life and show people how it’s done.

I wasn’t put here to fail. I was put here to strive and to succeed, not through vengeance or spite, but out of love for myself and this life I’ve been given and to pave the way for my children. I wasn’t put here to follow in anyone’s footsteps or meet anyone’s expectations. I wasn’t put here to compete with anyone. I wasn’t put here to stoop to anyone’s level or raise to anyone’s standard. . . I’m on my own level. My only competition is myself.

I know my purpose, and in knowing I am fulfilled. I don’t need anyone to show me the way, because I know what direction I am headed. I take inspiration from everything around me, and through every trial and tribulation I encounter. There is nothing and no one that can hold me back. The only person who can hold me back is me.

I started this post God knows when, and for whatever reason never finished it. As I was scanning through my ridiculous amount of unfinished drafts on my lunch break, inspiration struck me. I don’t know where I originally intended for this one to go, but again, the words took over.

Happy Wednesday. Find your purpose.

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