I am soooo looking forward to the holidays.

I hate the cold and the rain and the snow, but I love everything else about the winter and fall. Today the sun’s shining on the fall leaves, making everything golden and pretty. It’s warmer than it has been, a shocking fifty-three degrees. It’s been a rough couple of weeks financially, but with a paycheck in my account and my bills paid I feel better about it. A glitch in a payment system, not in my benefit is holding up some funds, but as I stated previously, this glitch is not earth shattering and world ending like it used to be, and good Lord it’s nice to not have to worry so much like I have had to in the past.

Anyway, I really got off track there for a second. My point was, the sun’s shining and I’m not broke anymore, so I’m good with life! Haha

I also realized that due to some company policies I have extra time off that I didn’t realize that I had. Which brings me to my actual I’m grateful for today.

I’m grateful for all the time off I get with this company. Not only do we get Jewish holidays we get a ridiculous amount of paid vacation, sick time, and a random personal day in the middle of the year. In all my years in the workforce I have never had so much paid time off, and it’s absolutely wonderful. This has me looking forward to the holidays even more. I’ll be able to take some extra time at Thanksgiving and Christmas, when the boys are on school break, to spend time with them. 

It sometimes sucks to do this whole single working mom thing, but it’s workable with this company. 

So. My Friday is going well, with bills paid and the sun shining and ssshhh. . . I have a surprise planned for Matthew B. tomorrow, a road trip. I’m super excited. It gets to be a surprise for you all, too, because you know I’m gonna write about our adventures. 

Matt’s got plans this evening, so now I need to decide how to occupy my Chaser. Something fun is in order!

Happy Friday!

Apparently this is a new morning ritual, by the way.

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