Quiet Time

It has been a pretty busy few days.

Wednesday was the first ‘big’ concert I have attended since 2019 – Memphis May Fire, Papa Roach and Breaking Benjamin did not disappoint. Papa Roach was a bucket list concert, and honestly the sole reason I wanted to go to the show. They’re one of the bands that introduced me to the rawness and realness of rock music, helping me through my teenage years. But Memphis May Fire was playing their first arena show that night, and the excitement they exuded was infectious. I was excited for them to be achieving this milestone – and I was lucky enough to be a witness. And Breaking Benjamin was more amazing than I had expected. I didn’t dislike them prior to the show and was fairly familiar with their music – but it wasn’t ever something that I purposely would play, which is likely an unpopular opinion. Having seen their energy and passion on stage however, my opinion has changed.

It was an emotional night – I realized that morning that it was my friend Noah’s birthday. I mentioned him a couple times in previous blog posts, and while I’m not prepared to really talk about it right this second, he passed away this spring. If you recall, I met Noah at a concert and I thought it very fitting that I was attending a concert on his birthday, and one that I knew that he would enjoy. Secondarily, a lot of the music was part of the soundtrack that accompanied me through this life – through the good and the bad. I relived a lot, and as is usually the case I healed some parts of myself through the evening. Feeling the music live and in person is almost a religious experience for me, one that I have missed more than words could ever express.

Thursday was a scheduled day off, and I spent it recovering. I did what was absolutely necessary of me, but otherwise took the time to relax and recoup.

Friday, I worked and went to visit brother afterwards. Saturday was spent digging in the dirt with Andy, completing one of several projects he has going on at his house.

Today I took Matthew to the store to pick out his homecoming clothes and did some housework. I am at the tail end of the first season of Sweet Magnolias and have every intention of finishing it this afternoon. I highly recommend it if you haven’t watched it yet.

Next week will be similar with a vet appointment for littlest and the homecoming dance for Matthew and my own yardwork to complete now that we are nearing the beginning of fall. Matt has himself a job now, and with my own work scheduled and the boys school schedules, I have a very full life. The days go by in a blur of activity.

Nothing has changed in my hiatus from writing. I am still on the go almost nonstop from the time I wake up until I drop into bed at night. I do take time to relax now though, and I refuse to run myself down in the name of getting everything done. It will never happen – facts. I am so many things to so many people that I could never sleep and still constantly find something to do. There are urgent things that need done immediately, and then there are things that can wait. I’ve learned the difference.

So, I’ll go to rock shows and help friends with projects and help my children with their various endeavors. . . but I will also finish the television series I am hooked on and find time for a book if I feel like it or take a nap or fall down a rabbit hole reading about some interesting thing on the internet. Because I can. Because I’m allowed to take a break and have some quiet time.

Happy Sunday. Make time for yourself in the midst of the busy.

Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

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