Day three

Today’s seven day/I’m grateful post:


You guessed it. At 9am I am walking into work. Today I was greeted with no missed calls or messages, and no emails. Shocking. I’ve been working at this particular property since March, and I can’t tell you if I’ve ever walked into this here. I usually have one of the three, if not a combination. And after yesterday’s hectic day, I was surprised. 

Which brings me to my grateful. 

I’m grateful for the variety that this line of work has. I’ve worked in other industries, and this is by far my favorite, mainly for the variety and never knowing what the day will bring. 

No two days are the same. Tuesday, I was bored to tears. I spent the majority of my day reading. Yesterday was a little crazy, but not the busiest or craziest day I’ve ever experienced. Today started out crazy but has since calmed down. 

I had a surprise move-in yesterday. Normally, the process is at minimum a few days, usually around a week. But this gentleman wasted no time getting all the required paperwork and funds together. So I ran his application, and moved him in. It sounds simpler than it is. It actually spanned about three hours from start to finish. In addition to the application, our company requires a credit check, a background check, a rental history verification and an employment verification. So it’s not as simple as saying “eh, yeah. You’re approved.” There are fair housing laws to keep in mind, math to do to make sure the individual qualifies financially, phone calls to make and emails to send, and their corresponding responses to wait for. And that was all before the lease signing and walking the apartment with the new resident. Which explaining a lease that has more pages than most short stories is tons of fun, let me tell you.

I had a blast though. I live for out of the norm stuff like that. Normally those three hours work are spread out over several days, dependant on when the prospect gets me the required information and money. But to slam it all into three hours was pretty awesome. 

In the midst of all of that I also worked on a couple different reports, updated some advertising that hadn’t been used in while, and on a cigarette break started working on yesterday’s blog. 

Having completed my new residents move in, I took my lunch break and finished my blog post. During the move in, I realized that I didn’t have enough keys for the resident to have a spare and me a spare for our keybox, so I had to run to another property to make keys. The property that has the key machine happens to be the one Sophia runs, so I called her to let her know I would be over to get the key made. A couple weeks ago I had to borrow a fridge from her for another move in, and she asked if we had received the replacement yet. We had. Instead of pulling my maintenance guy off of his work to cart a fridge and get a key made, I called him and asked him if he thought it would fit in my vehicle. During our move to the new house, grandma and I had fit a twin size bed and frame into Clarice, and this was only a 9cf fridge. I had no doubts. Maintenance did.

Until we got that bastard in there and closed the hatch. 

Sometimes, Clarice is a huge pain in my ass. Sometimes, she’s a badass.

I ran into my boss at Sophia’s office, and discussed some numbers with her. Got my key made and the fridge unloaded and headed back to my property. On my way back I stopped by Dorothy’s property too to return the latest Nora Roberts book I’d borrowed and mooch another one from her. Grandma is looking for some for me, she always has a way of finding stuff like that for cheap. But in the meantime, I have to resort to borrowing from friends. We discussed some work related stuff, so I didn’t feel guilty for stopping on the clock for non work related stuff. 

And boom, it was 5pm and our boss had been busy approving stuff. I worked right up til 6pm and went to collect Chase and commence with my normal busy evening. 

This morning, walking into no calls or messages, I thought it would be back to the quiet. I took my picture, punched in, began my to-do list, and two residents walked in with different problems to address. It’s since settled down long enough for me to tackle my list, write this, and take a lunch. But the quiet is ending with phone calls coming in, interrupting my writing. ‘Cause, ya know, I’m getting payed to blog, not run a property, right? Haha. Back to it. Happy Thursday, folks. Be grateful for the little things. 

Published by: A. Elizardo

Single mother to two amazing boys, sister to an inspiration, and the daughter of two opinionated, sarcastic, fun loving individuals that are no longer physically with us. Music, writing, reading, my family - living and gone - are what keep me going as I put on my rose colored glasses and navigate us through this crazy world.

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