Day One

Finally, finally, finally – someone invited me to play that black and white photo game on facebook. If you aren’t on Facebook, or it hasn’t reached your set of friends yet, the challenge is: Seven days. Seven black and white photos of my life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.  

I have seriously been ‘liking’ every single person’s random black and white for like two weeks trying to get someone to invite me. Not that I didn’t genuinely enjoy their photos, because I did, and the concept is awesome. Seeing little random snipits of people’s lives is intriguing, and the black and white adds a touch of mystery, I think.

Maybe this is where Matt gets his taste for dabbling in different interests from. Primarily I’m word oriented, but I also love taking pictures, amongst other things. And a good black and white picture speaks volumes.  

Now, technically per the instructions I’m not supposed to post an explanation with the photo. So I haven’t. However.

I decided this morning on my way into work to kill not just two birds, but three of the motherfuckers, with one stone so to speak. I am going to incorporate my gratefuls, and a blog post, into the black and white challenge. Boom. I’m following the rules because the explanation is not included with the initial posting of the picture. 

Having said all of that, today’s photo is below. 


Today, I’m grateful for technology.

In the photo is a cup of coffee made with a Keurig, my Bluetooth speaker, and my fitbit watch. 

I’m old enough to remember having to brew coffee in a regular machine for my one to two cups in the morning – a pain in the ass for that amount. I remember before the regular machines had programmable options for Christ sake, and successfully making a pot of coffee half asleep is for the birds, with a lot of potential for mishap. The Keurig is a godsend. Just put the little premeasured cup thing in and move on with your life. 

I also remember having to balance a boombox stereo on the back of the toilet for my morning music fix, and having to cart it back and forth from my bedroom to the bathroom as a teenager because I only had one stereo. The Bluetooth speaker is amazing, portable and loud enough to suite my needs. I plug it in once a week to charge it, and run everything off of my phone. No more CD’S or cassette tapes. Click a button, turn it on, and move on with your life.

I sound like a damm commercial, but it’s all true.

As for the fitbit, it also has it’s advantages. Hey, ya lazy bitch. You haven’t moved in the past hour. You’ve got ten minutes. Make ’em good! Or when on the phone or driving I don’t have to look at my phone to see who’s calling in or texting me, I just tap the watch and see if the individual is worth the distraction. Again, tap the watch and move on with your life.

I’m a busy person with a hectic schedule, and these items make my life simpler, my mornings smoother. Getting myself and two children up and out the door, even if one is basically self sufficient, is a helluva task. (Especially when said self sufficient child forgets to set his alarm. . .) Not having to measure coffee or mess with other tedious bullshit maximizes my time. 

I’m super grateful that I’m not stuck in the nineties or some other time before that. Music was good, but the rest of it? I’ll take the here and now, thanks.

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