Fall back, move forward

In the fall, I get bored. 

Or so it may seem. 

I realized today that I am itching for something exciting in my life.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is not much time for boredom. Between the kids and my brother and work, I barely have time to sit down and breathe, let alone add something else into the craziness.

Yet this bored feeling hits me every single fall, according to my Facebook memories. All of the jobs I have left has occured in the fall accept for two. And the years that I didn’t leave a job in the fall, I decided to move and got a new vehicle.

I make major changes in my life in the fall. Most people do this in the spring something tells me. Of course I’m backwards. But then again, with the world slowly dying around me maybe I’m looking for something to keep me alive, something to keep my blood pumping and my mind racing. 

I have little desire to leave my job. So that isn’t going to be it. And I promised my landlord I wouldn’t leave him with a rental going into winter, and being in the business I know how horrible that would be. So that won’t be it, either. I’d love a new car, but finances won’t allow it at this time.

So what am I going to do with myself? I have hobbies and kids and a house, my car is temperamental but runs. What change am I going to make this year? Maybe it’s time to work on that novel. . . 

Published by: A. Elizardo

Single mother to two amazing boys, sister to an inspiration, and the daughter of two opinionated, sarcastic, fun loving individuals that are no longer physically with us. Music, writing, reading, my family - living and gone - are what keep me going as I put on my rose colored glasses and navigate us through this crazy world.

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